Bert Fish Teaching School

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Bert Fish led a fascinating and exciting life, which began in Bedford, Indiana in 1875. He moved to Spring Garden with his family when he was seven years old. Bert Fish received two degrees from John B. Stetson University, the first one in 1895 from the Academic Department. He then thought school for a couple of years before becoming Principal of DeLand High School. In 1901 he was elected County Superintendent of Schools.

Bert also graduated in 1902 with a Law Degree from John B. Stetson University. When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President he appointed Bert Fish, Ambassador to Egypt where he served until the beginning of World War II. While in Egypt he became very close friends to the King of Saudi Arabia. This friendship resulted in United States oil Companies being offered the right to drill for oil in Saudi Arabia.

Bert Fish
Nothing is too difficult for mortals to attempt.
No work too high for man's audacious force.
- Horace



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