"FATAL OPERA is a statement in music
and a statement of life in the 90's.
The whole world is a fatal opera".
- Gar Samuelson, drummer, FATAL OPERA


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As the original drummer for MEGADEATH,
Gar Samuelson not only taught the speedmetal
world how to swing, he also convinced leader Dave
Mustaine that the future of metal lay in political
commentary, not satanic cliches. Gar was right.

So after helping create some of the decade's most
dramatic and important heavy rock, Gar Samuelson
is picking up where he left off with a five-piece
fusion-metal group called FATAL OPERA.
There goal is nothing less than development of the
next evolutionary step in music.  FATAL OPERA is
heavy and unpredictable, with an ear for memorable
hooks and challenging arangements.

Gar and his equally - talented guitarist brother Stew
have played together since the early 1970's. 
FATAL OPERA is the ultimate expression of ideas
they've been developing for the better part of 20 years.
Recruiting bass phenom Travis Karcher and vocalist
extradionaire Dave Inman, Gar and Stew built a home
studio and began recording demo after demo of
original material. In early 1993, work began on
FATAL OPERA's self-titled first album. Shortly after
recording was completed, FATAL OPEA recruited guitarist
Billy Brehme to join Stew as six-string co-conspirator.

FATAL OPERA contains nine original songs
that dissolve all boundaries between power and
melody, technical precision and reckless abandon.
The opener "Dead By 1998" takes a harsh look at
anonymous, dehumanized modern living while obsessive,
chopping guitar lines pour on the pressure.  "Beaten Path"
is a speedy contemporary love song from the same
stressed-out city atmosphere.  But FATAL OPERA is not
stuck in one place --"The Unwilling" is a memory of long ago,
using nylon-string guitar and pop vocal sensibilities to open
up FATAL OPERA's potential for rock radio.
fatalbandmem4.GIF (11913 bytes) For fans of the heavy stuff, "Evil Tears" is positively epic,
the story of a gang-banger's revenge spun out in
desperate, loping scale passages and tribal rhythms.
And "Kill'Em" offers a permanent solution to political
gridlock in Washington as machine-gun syncopation
chatters along, underscoring Dave's lyrical point.
The album concludes with a bold interpretation of
Jimi Hendrix's song-suite, "1983...(A Merman I Should
Turn to Be)/Moon, Turn the Tides...(Gently gently away,"
perhaps the first time any band has recorded this
ambitious cover

FATAL OPERA is currently gigging in Florida,
refining new material and sharpening their chops
to prepare for the world-wide attension that's sure
to follow. Rock fans have waited long enough to hear
what Gar Samuelson has to say for the 1990's, and two
words sum it up: FATAL OPERA.
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