Sherry's Kitchen and Buffet, a new face on East New York Ave. in DeLand, features a delectable buffet, with Southern style cooking. The restaurant also offers an extensive menu, including steak and seafood. The food comes complete with everything one expects in Southern style cuisine including good ole Southern hospitality, and a quaint, cozy atmosphere.

But what is more fascinating than the cuisine and friendly atmosphere at Sherry's is the face behind the restaurant - Sherry Smith. Sherry is a diehard Delandite, having vowed never to leave DeLand, because of her parents.

She affectionately relates that she even built her house right down the street from them: "When I was a kid, I was like most other kids couldn't wait to get away from the strict discipline. But when I became an adult, all I wanted to do was be near my parents. No, I can't leave my parents. We are very close."

Interestingly, prior to "the early part" of 1999, Sherry had never envisioned owning her own business. Neither had her parents or any of her significant others operated a business. She had always been content with working in restaurants, with more than 20 years of experience.

At the time she began entertaining the idea of owning her own business, she was working at Tom's Pizza. She says her entire outlook changed, when, after following the lead of her husband, Audie, she gave her life to the Lord. Then during a Sunday-morning sermon, she heard the words, "You deserve to be prosperous 0 anything you want, you can have." Sherry said this caused a light to go off that could not be dimmed until she realized her dream.

"It was so amazing those words took on life and, in spite of and because of all the obstacles I faced, I was determined," she said. "It was like a force driving me."

Sherry admits that although the rewards are obvious, it is a lot of hard work and sometimes frustrating. But, the dream has been realized, and she knows with "focus and faith in God" she will succeed. As a testimony to her faith, Sherry uses an exterior sign to send messages of hope to her customers and passersby. So, if you are in the mood for good food and Southern hospitality, go see Sherry she and her staff will certainly make you feel at home, and your taste buds will thank you for it.



Sherry's Kitchen and Buffet
344 E. New York Ave.
Deland, FL 32724

(386) 738-1777

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